The famous WordPress platform announced hours ago that a new version of the code was released under 5.0, which brought a new writing editor under the name Gutenberg.

The new editor will depend on the block system and will allow great flexibility in dealing with the content that is added, whether a paragraph or image or file media in general, where it can be dragged and exceeded and resized, and will match the sizes of all screens without exception.

The new built-in editor will not change the way any content that your visitors see is displayed. All you can do is insert any type of multimedia in a matter of moments and reorder the heart and content of your content. Each piece of content will be in its own component with an easy-to-control feature.

The new version will come with a new default theme named Twenty Nineteen that will be fully compatible with the block style in the new editor, with a simple, bright design that is easy to customize and customize.

WordPress releases version 5.0 with a whole new editor

The new version will also allow you to continue working with the old classic editor, which will become (Blugen) you can install and continue to work